Thursday, February 07, 2008

Coyotes win advertising award

The Phoenix Coyotes were awarded first prize for Best Alternative Advertising at the 5th Annual NSF ADchievement Awards, which were presented Jan. 28 – 30 at the 2008 National Sports Forum in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Coyotes’ Alternative Media efforts included a variety of promotions that were implemented throughout Phoenix. The promotions included 3D Picture Environments at local malls, Mirror Clings installed at bars and restaurants, Bar Coasters that were distributed at local bars and a Puck Truck Stunt to support opening night around the city. The Coyotes also launched, an interactive web site that promotes the club’s “Hockey Headquarters: All Things Hockey” marketing campaign.
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I'll say this much: I get more strange releases from the Coyotes than any other team.



At 9:41 a.m., February 08, 2008, Anonymous Jordan said...

I have to admit that at times it is a bit bizarre, but whoever came up with the idea of Pierre, the fanatic hockey snowman, was a genious. Those commercials crack me up every time.


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