Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kelly and the bean counter

NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly was on the Fan 590 in Toronto earlier this evening, an interview you can pickup here in podcast form.

On the whole, host Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt did a pretty nice job pulling a few things out of him — especially when it comes to the union's recent hiring of a noted forensic accountant (at right with his lifetime achievement award) to pick through the books.

The real motive here is for Kelly and the NHLPA to determine what they want to do when the CBA can be reopened at the end of next season. Kelly admits in the interview he doesn't know if hockey-related revenue is being recorded in a way that's acceptable to the union — but Bob Lindquist can certainly find that out by having an in-depth look at a few team's finances.

Here's a man who's been tasked in the past with rooting out corruption in places like Malawi and Trinidad — finding some extra cash in the Phoenix Coyotes' couch cushions shouldn't be a problem.

Rick Westhead, who broke the Lindquist story, brought it up on Hockey Night in Canada's Satellite Hotstove and it wasn't widely discussed, but as a potential source of tension between the two sides, it certainly bears watching.

They're looking for something.

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At 3:49 p.m., February 06, 2008, Anonymous Gerald said...

FYI, James, Broadhead did not break the story. It was reported in an interview that Kelly gave in the US some weeks before.


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