Wednesday, April 09, 2008

FanHouse previews Round 1

I've been tasked with the Pittsburgh-Ottawa series for Round 1 over at FanHouse, where the peppy gang is serving up previews of all eight series:

Canadiens (1) vs. Bruins (8) Playoff Preview
Penguins (2) vs. Senators (7) Playoff Preview
Capitals (3) vs. Flyers (6) Playoff Preview
Devils (4) vs. Rangers (5) Playoff Preview

Wings (1) vs Predators (8) Playoff Preview
Sharks (2) vs, Flames (7) Playoff Preview
Wild (3) vs Avalanche (6) Playoff Preview
Ducks (4) vs Stars (5) Playoff Preview

Eric McErlain is also cooking up a couple roundtables that should be good to go here this afternoon. (In case you're dying for playoff commentary.)



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