Sunday, May 11, 2008

Comparing slogans

Q. Your playoff slogan "sacrifice." Is it something that you guys have bought into or is it just a word that's on a T-shirt?

COACH MICHEL THERRIEN: (Laughs) You always try to find that extra motivation when you start the playoffs. Like for us "sacrifice," is we believe that was the right word and we approach it almost every day with that young group. When we talking about sacrifice, not always sacrifice on the ice, there's sacrifice off the ice as well. You can go on, the list on and on.
Q. I don't know if you heard at end of Michel Therrien's interview, he was asked about the Penguins' T-shirts, and the big slogan about "sacrifice." Do you guys have a rallying point a word or would you like one or how do you feel about that?

JEFF CARTER: We actually had some shirts made up coming into this round, just saying "why not us?" It kind of seems like the whole playoffs, Washington series, Montreal, now this. We're kind of the underdog role, I guess, and why not us?

We played well, we're here, why not keep it going?
Uh, overactive marketing wings?

More on the Flyers' slogan here. I guess we are more than a month in; how many more Franzen/Malkin/Briere/Turco stories are left in the can?

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