Monday, June 09, 2008

Lidstrom, Osgood to do Leno

NHL defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom and goaltender Chris Osgood of the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings will make a guest appearance on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Tuesday, June 10 at 11:35 p.m., ET. The pair will appear with the Stanley Cup, the oldest and most revered trophy in all professional sports.
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Here's hoping the NBC crew find something interesting for these guys to do. Normally it's just a very short bit with the winning team.

Justin Timberlake, from The Love Guru, will be on that same night.

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At 3:14 p.m., June 09, 2008, Blogger Nick said...

I tried to find a link from last year when pronger, giguere, and may were on there but all the links I found were "removed due to a copyright claim by NBC Universal"

At 5:06 p.m., June 10, 2008, Blogger Jennifer said...

Osgood will also be walking the red carpet of the premier of "The Love Guru" with the Cup. Osgood said on the radio yesterday that he was more nervous about that (because of all the big stars) than appearing on Leno. He didn't even know if they would be given a chance to sit and talk to Leno or just come out and hoist the Cup and have a couple of words with him.


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