Saturday, July 26, 2008

Morrisonn receives $1.975-million

The arbitration case for Washington Capitals defenseman Shaone Morrisonn has been ruled and he was awarded $1.975 million, for a one-year deal. Morrisonn was an impressive plus-14 after Bruce Boudreau took over as head coach and competed in the playoffs with a broken jaw.
This is the first arbitration award to come in this summer, with only Jay Bouwmeester, Antoine Vermette, Valtteri Filppula and Ville Koistinen still scheduled.

I saw Morrisonn play his entire junior career in Kamloops, and it's remarkable how far he's come since that point. He was very raw in 2001 when drafted 19th overall, a position many thought too high, but he's filled out and now plays the shutdown minutes for Washington.

Morrisonn is tough, doesn't take a lot of dumb penalties and can skate. He's basically the Caps' No. 3 defenceman, and plays the big minutes on the penalty kill.

Definitely a useful player — although given his point totals, he'll never cash in quite like his teammate Mike Green.

A fair contract until he's a restricted free agent again next summer.

The biggest problem is that Washington's now about $2-million over the salary cap and will have to shuffled a body out somehow. Ideally, I'd imagine they'd like to move out Michael Nylander's contract, but I don't know if that'll be possible.

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At 6:02 p.m., July 26, 2008, Anonymous b said...

Unless I've missed something, I think Andrej Meszaros is still on the arbitration list

At 6:14 p.m., July 26, 2008, Blogger James Mirtle said...

He doesn't have arbitration rights, but remains an RFA.

At 8:03 p.m., July 26, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ottawa has to be really worried about Vermette right now - especially after Minny avoided arbitration today and signed Bouchard to a four year deal at $4.1m per. This 4 year period represents 3 RFA years and 1 UFA year.

Since both players are quite similar, I suspect that if Ottawa isn't willing to give Vermette a 3 year deal (2 RFA years and 1 UFA year) at $4.0 m per year, they are likely headed to arbitration. Arbitration never turns out well in these situations - eg. Cammalleri last year in LA.

Perhaps Ottawa will do a sign and trade in the next few days?

What happens to JB in Florida will also be interesting to watch. Looks like JB is determined to take a one year arbitration award and get out of Florida next year as a UFA - no matter what kind of long term deal Florida offers him.

At 8:10 p.m., July 26, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is Ville Koistinen in arbitration? He made something like 500.000 last season. Played decent but was also healthy scratch number of times.

So from his side he can't really ask too much. And if Nashville believes in this guy and wants to keep him (like they do) it shouldn't be too hard to negotiate something.

Is he getting 1.5M from arb? No. Million? Doubtful.

Would something like 700/900.000 two-year deal make sense for both sides?

If not there's somebody smoking lefthanded ones.

I don't know but somehow this case stinks. When you have a player without much of a case in arbitration it's either the club trying to force multiyear deal with low numbers down his throat or agent trying to be a hero.

This will be settled but it could've done long time ago. If it goes to arbitration Koistinen will either be traded at some point or he will bolt as soon as he is UFA.


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