Saturday, July 19, 2008

A new trend in coaching hires?


With all the changes in the bench bosses, does it surprise you that none of the “experienced” ones seem to be getting any of the open jobs? Any theories on that and where the likes of Torts, Crawford et al will go?

Valerie W.
It is a bit surprising, but it's worth keeping in mind that the majority of those coaches on the unemployment line are coming off of awful seasons. John Tortorella and Marc Crawford are excellent examples.

While Ron Wilson is the only true retread from last season to find a new home, of the eight coaches hired this off-season, only three lack any NHL head coaching experience.

New coaches sorted by total games coached:
  1. Ron Wilson, Toronto, 1,091
  2. Terry Murray, Los Angeles, 737
  3. Craig Hartsburg, Ottawa, 443
  4. Barry Melrose, Tampa Bay, 209
  5. Tony Granato, Colorado, 133
  6. Peter DeBoer, Florida, 0
    John Anderson, Atlanta, 0
    Todd McLellan, San Jose, 0
With only the Islanders left to hire a coach, here's a look at the most experienced names still out there:
  1. Pat Quinn, 1,318
  2. Brian Sutter, 1,028
  3. Pat Burns, 1,019
  4. Marc Crawford, 987
  5. Joel Quenneville, 839
  6. Paul Maurice, 838
  7. Bob Hartley, 650
  8. John Tortorella, 539
  9. Ron Low, 505
  10. Rob Ftorek, 443
My guess is Long Island goes with one of the more experienced names, with Quenneville and Hartley getting a lot of attention for the job.

As for where some of the others will catch on, some will take assistants' roles, some will move into scouting or other front office duties, and others will coach in the AHL or overseas. It may take a while before someone takes another chance on Crawford or Maurice, while Quinn isn't likely to get another shot.



At 3:53 p.m., July 19, 2008, Blogger J. Michael Neal said...

I like the trend of moving away from retreads. Getting away from the idea that the best qualification for a job is failure at the last one is a step forward. Of course, there's always a team like the Lightning to keep the old tradition alive.


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