Thursday, July 10, 2008

The return of the Blog Box

Coming off a wildly successful and exciting first year, the New York Islanders are now accepting applications for the 2008-09 NYI Blog Box. This season the Islanders are making it even easier for fans and bloggers to sign up with an online application at

“We were thrilled with how the NYI Blog Box developed last season and we’re equally excited about making it even bigger for the 2008-09 season,” said Islanders Media Relations Manager Corey Witt. “The fact that teams from all across North America and in different sports asked about how they can create a Blog Box for their own teams speaks volumes about its success.”

Born in the summer of 2007, the NYI Blog Box is believed to be the first of its kind. It is a place for Islanders and hockey fans to attend games and blog about their favorite hockey team. The NYI Blog Box grants bloggers full media access to the Islanders at all home games while letting its members remains fans at the games and cheer on the Islanders.
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The Blog Box was born amid much controversy in the hockey blogosphere a year ago, but its overall impact was relatively negligible from where I sat. The Islanders still seem relatively underrepresented among hockey blogs, but that's likely just an indication that it's going to take more than one season for them to truly make their voices heard.

It doesn't help that the team was awful.

The only two Long Island bloggers I have really had any contact with are Kevin Murphy from Islanders Army and Mike Schuerlein from Kevin's been around nearly two years, while Mike went on the road to Ottawa for the draft last month and provided some solid coverage.

The best advice I can give any new blogger is to integrate into the community that already exists. It's really not a standalone medium.

Good luck to those that apply this time around — and don't be strangers.

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At 6:45 p.m., July 10, 2008, Blogger islesblogger said...

The Blog Box lives!

I know there were varying opinions on the concept when it originally started, but it seems that things have settled down since then.

Greg Wyshynski and I had a few lengthy discussions early last year and even he has warmed up to the idea (Finally got to meet him up in Ottawa). The Islanders have been great with us so far and there are some new things we have discussed for this season, which should improve things even more.

There are actually a bunch of Islanders blogs outside of the blog box, some of these blogs don’t really do enough to get their names out there – but I think we will see the addition of some of the better ones this year for sure.

Thanks for all the support this year, James. I totally owe you a beer when you are down in New York!

Michael Schuerlein


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