Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McLaren on the move

The Sharks are quite likely going to deal defenceman Kyle McLaren very soon, as he's being held out of scrimmages in training camp at the moment.

McLaren has a $2.5-million cap hit and is an unrestricted free agent next summer. Los Angeles or Atlanta seem likely destinations if they've fallen out of the Mathieu Schneider sweepstakes.

San Jose needs to get back under the cap, but they'll be forfeiting some solid defensive depth by shuttling out McLaren. They'll have to look to their minor league system and someone like Derek Joslin in case of injury should this deal take place.

Depth chart
Vlasic - Boyle
Ehrhoff - Blake
Lukowich - Murray
Joslin - Semenov



At 2:14 p.m., September 23, 2008, Blogger Mike said...

To anyone: What do you think the chances are of the Sharks being able to unload McLaren's entire salary? or will they have to some contract back, as the Ducks will probably have to do with Schneider?

At 2:19 p.m., September 23, 2008, Blogger Cassie said...

I hope Tampa Bay picks him up. I used to watch him play in junior, back in the day. The Lightning desperately need defense, and they have far too many forwards as it is, so they can trade some forwards for McLaren.

At 2:34 p.m., September 23, 2008, Blogger FAUX RUMORS said...

1) So a Chris Gratton for McLaren move is imminent?

At 3:01 p.m., September 23, 2008, Blogger Cassie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 3:02 p.m., September 23, 2008, Blogger Cassie said...

I think Jokinen or Ouellett would be more likely. But that's just pure speculation on my part.

At 4:50 p.m., September 23, 2008, Blogger Adam C said...

Is Rob Blake worth $5M if he also costs you MacLaren? That's an expensive move sideways. Teams are really paying a price for going over the cap this year.

...I guess really it was the Boyle trade that made this necessary.

At 6:29 p.m., September 23, 2008, Blogger Will Thomas said...

The big issue on the McLaren move is that he had some significant knee problems last year. The fact that the Sharks are holding him out of scrimages might not be such a telling indicator. Usually teams that are trying to deal someone showcase the player to generate interest and allow the scouts to assess. They only hold someone out of the lineup when a clear deal is imminent. So, if big Mac isn't dealt really soon, it could be that they're just being really careful with his knee.


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