Monday, October 24, 2005

A sportswriter's struggle

With Canadian Interuniversity Sport football (the Canadian equivalent of the NCAA, for my American readers) about to head into the postseason, my column in today's paper brings a preview of what to look for in week one.

This is the sixth edition of the weekly article, and, I think, it has been something that has continued to evolve and improve. Now, I don't say this solely on the basis of introducing the phrase "nobody lines up to go and get their ass kicked" to The Globe and Mail's refined readership — although that can be considered an accomplishment in itself.

No, I think the strength of the piece really comes in spending far too much time obsessing over every single item that goes into the piece. That, and actually being able to watch CIS games from across the country thanks to the new addition to my living room.

Still, even the best of us make mistakes, and this week was no exception. So, I hereby offer a humbling apology to Guelph quarterback Justin Dunk, whom I called Justin Dent, and Queen's receiver Brad Smith, referred to as Brad Mitchell. Guys, I'm sorry your moment of glory in a national newspaper was sullied by my carelessness.

Now, you'll have to pardon me. I have some more obsessing to do.


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