Monday, December 05, 2005

And the winner is...

Well, this is truely one of those instances where you can say 'it's nice to be nominated' and not immediately lose to a Ray Charles impersonator.

Mr. Wells from Macleans, Ms. Zerbisias from the Toronto Star, Mr. Nestruck from the Post and, of course, the only fellow I link to on my cobwebbed blogroll, Mr. Cosh, also of Post fame.

Heavyweights of Canadian blogging and media circles, matched against what can be, charitably you understand, described as a junior flyweight looking to break the 108-pound barrier and start tackling opponents who can hop on all of the rides at the carnival.

They take on our country's weighty issues — politics, abortion, the media, politics, the arts, other stuff.

I link to videos of Marek Malik putting his stick between his legs.

To be fair, I didn't know what a blog was a year ago. Now mine can be the redheaded bastard child of the 'media' group.

I have arrived — and I'm the Green Party candidate.

On a serious note, do vote for Mr. Golbez's blog, Hockey Rants, in the Sports Blog category. Someone who loves the Czech Republic that much deserves some love.


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