Tuesday, March 07, 2006

World Baseball Classic
Canada v. South Africa

The North American teams are in action today for the first time in the much-maligned World Baseball Classic, and The Globe and Mail's Jeff Blair weighs in on Canada's first opponent, South Africa, in his new blog:

"I'll piggyback the two of them against Canada, I just haven't decided who will go first," said Magnante. "But we'll keep both of them below the pitch limit so we can use them in the third game."

South Africa's opponent in that game will be the U.S., and Roger Clemens.

Can you say mercy rule?
Blair's talking about the South African's game against the Americans on Friday, but he might as well be refering to their contest tonight with the Canadians. Or any game against the U.S. for that matter. (The Americans draw Mexico this afternoon in what should be the day's best game.)

The tournament's going to be an extremely tough draw for Canada, who might be heading home three games in barring an upset over Mexico (or, dare anyone say it, the U.S.). Speaking of which, the cutline on this picture is hilarious: "Adam Loewen is 'not scared' of facing Team USA."

That, my friends, inspires confidence.

I haven't seen anyone (save for Blair, of course) blogging on the WBC yet, but I'll be watching and imparting my (somewhat limited) knowledge. Sportsnet up here is carrying 13 of the preliminary round games on television, including all of the Pool B games.


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