Wednesday, August 16, 2006

THN makes 2006-07 predictions

The Hockey News's 2006-07 NHL Yearbook arrived in my mailbox this morning, and one of the many goodies packed inside was that crew's prediction for the coming season's standings.

THN didn't fare so well last time around, finishing only ahead of Sports Illustrated among the nine sets of picks compiled by Sisu Hockey throughout the year.

Even still, they're the first predictions in the bag, so that has to count for something.

Eastern Conference
  1. Carolina
  2. Ottawa
  3. NY Rangers
  4. New Jersey
  5. Buffalo
  6. Philadelphia
  7. Montreal
  8. Atlanta
  9. Tampa Bay
  10. Toronto
  11. Florida
  12. Boston
  13. Pittsburgh
  14. NY Islanders
  15. Washington

Western Conference

  1. Anaheim
  2. Nashville
  3. Calgary
  4. San Jose
  5. Dallas
  6. Detroit
  7. Minnesota
  8. Columbus
  9. Phoenix
  10. Los Angeles
  11. Vancouver
  12. Edmonton
  13. Colorado
  14. Chicago
  15. St. Louis

Well, there are certainly a few headscratchers in there, and I can't imagine fans in Colorado, Vancouver and Edmonton agree with these picks.

Me, I'm going to wait a good long while before I post my predictions. Let's just call that the benefit of the blog — no publishing deadlines.

The yearbook itself is excellent, by the way. I'm sure I'll be addressing a few of the items in there as I leaf through it over the next week or so, but you'd be well-advised to pick up your own copy (or even a subscription).


At 7:29 p.m., August 16, 2006, Blogger Doogie2K said...

They could have delivered those predictions even sooner, but huffing that much paint takes a while, you know.

Also, if you read the bit about goalie wins in their fantasy guide, apparently San Jose will finish third in the West with 65 wins. That's bloody amazing.

At 8:23 p.m., August 16, 2006, Blogger Earl Sleek said...

1. Anaheim

Did our application go through to join the Central Division?

Even I'm not picking them to go this high.

At 10:16 p.m., August 16, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the Avs falling that far, or the Jackets finishing in 8th! But THN always makes some bold predictions don't they. Then again this could be really backwards year in alot of ways.

At 11:38 p.m., August 16, 2006, Blogger reality check said...

The Avs minus Blake and Tanguay will definitely drop to 9th or 10th, but not quite as far THN predicts. I see Minny making the biggest jump and Nashville ( who've lost more players than anyone) acting like an anvil. I think this yearbook comes out two weeks too ealy for my taste. By the time the season gets underway, it's content is often irrelevant. Too many teams lineups aren't finalized.

At 2:51 a.m., August 17, 2006, Blogger Achtungbaby said...

Premature? Yes, but this is what we get when publishers want to break the story (or make one). We've all been starved for Hockey news and controversy and here it is.

Hockey is back. It seems like it was just here.

At 1:04 p.m., August 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see someone who thinks that Tampa will miss the playoffs this year. I don't see them being a very good team. I don't think St. Louis will finish last nor do I think Columbus will finish 8th.

In both conferences I could see very tight playoff races with very little separation from 4th to 12th. Is Detroit really much better than Colorado? Is there really much difference between Vancouver, Edmonton, and Phoenix? All have their strengths and all have their weaknesses. Vancouver has excellent goaltending but not a lot of experienced depth up front. Edmonton has good forwards and solid goaltending but weak on defense. Phoenix looks pretty good all round but their goaltending is a big question mark. I'm not sure about San Jose's defense either and Anaheim will struggle if Selanne can't repeat last years stellar season and/or their defensemen 3-6 don't pan out. Detroit should be good so long has Hasek is healthy but can he stay healthy? Honestly there isn't a whole lot separating many of those teams in the west and almost any of them could finish 4th or 12th.

Same goes for the east really. New Jersey, Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston, Montreal, Tampa, Florida and Atlanta will all probably compete for the final 3 or 4 playoff spots. And if Cam Ward plays like he did in the regular season and not like he did in the playoffs Carolina might fall back into that group as well.

At 3:21 p.m., August 17, 2006, Blogger Black Dog said...

Way too early to predict - who knows what kids will make it, what oldtimers are done and what moves still have to be made.

Probably like last year, as mentioned, there will be a real logjam in spots 5-10 or so and of course there will be surprises both good and bad for some teams but for starters how's this- while Anaheim will make the playoffs - first in the West? Columbus, Phoenix and LA to finish ahead of Edmonton, Vancouver and Colorado? Doubtful.

I'd probably have the Leafs about there though, although likely behind Florida as well. Maybe Boston too.

At 1:10 a.m., August 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the new Nhl! Iam so surprised at all the D-men who went first in free agency. The game is no longer about your big bruisers on the blue line. Teams such as nashville, bufallo and carolina will continue to have success. Aneheim has created too much pressure for themselves. Edmonton will do just with their speed and skilled forwards.

At 8:04 a.m., August 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always the books come out way too early. I agree with the guy who said they become irrelevant or at least they are incomplete.
Labour day weekend is timely enough for me. I do agree there will be a lot of movement in the standings and we will be witnessing a changing of the guard as far as powerhouses are concerned.
In the East, only 2 major differences. No way Carolina ends up anywhere near the top 3. Cam Ward played over his head in the playoffs and he will be swiss cheese by Christmas. I see Pittsburgh sneaking into a playoff spot.
In the West, the only team ranked too high is Nashville. I think they will be lucky to make the playoffs. The last spot could go to either LAK or PHX.

At 10:05 p.m., September 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont see Avs making playoffs. East I'd LIKE to see Habs and Bruins duke it for a higher spot and I think that'll transpire. As a Montrealer and die-hard habitant, I hate to say this, but I see Toronto's young guns hoisting the leafs to one of two final playoff spots... I really do.
West - Avs are gonna suck - I suffered Jose Theodore long enough to know they got the bum end of a shitty deal, boy. And no Tanguay, Blake - Forsberg will be missed even more this season. Anahaim and San Jose will top the West. California a hockey state... uurgh. Gross.
cheerio - FJM From MTL in NYC

At 1:22 a.m., September 20, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you really think Hab!s ownership cares about there team? MONEY KEEPS COMING IN ALL THE TIME TO THEM. Building is always full, marketing is great... The fact they have Bob Gainey as gm proves it. He is the blunder king of Montreal (Samsonov, Kovalev and Koivu!s contract...). The way this team is managed is a disgrace.


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