Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crosby sells out in Phoenix

"I'll always be the first guy to tell you there is never going to be another Wayne Gretzky."
— Sidney Crosby
Maybe so, but Crosby managed something tonight in Phoenix that even the Great One hasn't been able to accomplish: a sellout in Arizona.

Unfortunately, it might be the Coyotes last one in a while as Crosby isn't scheduled to be back playing versus Pacific Division teams until 2009-10.

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At 12:25 p.m., January 28, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that he would ever admit it since doing so might make someone believe he's got a personality, but do you think Crosby really wanted to stick it to Wayne over the Olympic snub last year?

At 12:25 p.m., January 28, 2007, Blogger Unknown said...

I have to wonder what those arguing against the unbalanced schedule think will happen with attendance if it is changed. Note that there are two different things that could be changed.

They argue that, because much of the other conference never gets to see stars like Crosby and Malkin, they can't help build interest. Of course, their proposals mean that Pittsburgh will play in each Western Conference building once. My suspicion is that that is enough exposure for Phoenix to sell out that night every year, but not enough to significantly affect attendance for the other 41 home games. I also think that the Penguins are the only team that have sufficient marketing stars to have this effect.

I really don't think one night of good attendance is enough to help teams that aren't drawing, and I really don't think that the power is going to spread beyond one night. In large part, that's because I don't think that those tickets are being snapped up by people who are kind of, sort of, interested in hockey and have only gone once or twice and might be coverted to full fledged fans. My guess is that they are being snapped up by people who are already fans, as everyone in the Coyotes' fan base had circled this game as one to go to. It won't change their behavior as to how many games they go to overall.

At 12:27 p.m., January 28, 2007, Blogger Unknown said...

Hmmn. Post is up for sixteen hours with no comments. Then the first two come at exactly the same time stamp.

At 2:05 p.m., January 28, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd suggest it shows that Pittsburgh is the only watchable team in the league (save for maybe Buffalo and Nashville) and that the good people of Phoenix are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Likewise, maybe the fans of Boston and Chicago and St. Louis have simply been saying: this crappy product is not worth paying for. Joke is on us, Oilers, Flames, Leafs, etc. fans.


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