Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Johnsson out for Game 5

Wild defenseman Kim Johnsson did not make the trip to Anaheim for Game 5. He sustained a head injury after being punched by Ducks forward Brad May.
He may not big a big name, but Johnsson's a huge part of what the Wild have put together this season and this is a major loss. Read more on this over at the AOL Fanhouse.

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At 4:38 a.m., April 19, 2007, Blogger Doogie2K said...

I think it was Bob McKenzie who suggested that playoff suspensions are double or triple their regular-season value, because of the time of year. From that perspective, it seems like a fair deal. He's done for the series, regardless, and may not return until Game 3 of the Ducks' next series, should it all end tomorrow (tonight?).

All that being said, what the shit is Brad May thinking in the first place? I'm with the Boogeyman on this one: what kind of "tough guy" sucker-punches a skill player? Not one I'd want on my team, I can assure you. If you're gonna fight, drop the gloves and fight fair; don't go after skill guys who don't start things. These aren't difficult concepts, I wouldn't think.

At 9:44 a.m., April 19, 2007, Blogger Black Dog said...

I have nothing invested in this series but this one is complete BS.

The Wild are likely done anyhow but their best defenceman is now gone for at least one elimination game.

May should be suspended for a long time - rest of the playoffs and, if he manages to find a job next season, for a substantial part of next year as well so he takes a hit in the pocketbook.

I don't mind the fights or the rough stuff either but that's an A1 cowardly act and now the Wild are finished.

Perhaps someone from the Wild should drop Niedermayer.

At 10:31 a.m., April 19, 2007, Blogger Doogie2K said...

Hm, it seems in my tiredness at 2:30 last night I forgot to actually say that I think the suspension was too light, because that's a hell of a lot of damage done. Bet that makes the rest of the comment make more sense.

At 10:36 a.m., April 19, 2007, Blogger Earl Sleek said...

Perhaps someone from the Wild should drop Niedermayer.

If that's so, please, please, please make it Rob.

I thought it was BS also; my kneejerk reaction is here.

Two things might have helped Brad May, however:

1. Not many people or cameras seem to have actually seen the incident, as there was plenty going on at center ice when it happened. When the cameras zoomed out, that's when Johnsson was noticed laid out.

2. Brad May forgot to announce his bounty this time.

At 3:39 p.m., April 19, 2007, Blogger Black Dog said...

You're a good man Earl - I saw some of those other comments in one thread and there were way too many people actually defending May's actions as alright.

The fact that Johnsson has suffered previous concussions makes it even more of an issue. This could be his career (he may also be back for G6 if there is one, which I doubt).

And May will be back for round 2.

What a joke. Unless he latches on somewhere next year (unlikely) he gets three lousy games for what he did.

Brutal. Still a "garage league", after all these years.

At 11:59 a.m., April 20, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good thing Brian Burke rescued his buddy May and brought him into the fold. Wouldn't want his testimony to leak in the Bertuzzi affair. Only 3 games for knocking out the other teams best defencemen for the playoffs. Simon received the rest of the regular season, the entire playoffs and games TBD if the Islander don't play a sufficient number of games in the playoffs. Which in terms of actual games played is longer than the Bertuzzi assault (not playing during a lockout doesn't count). Guess Burke and Campbell are pretty good buddies after all. We wonder why this league can't be taken seriously.


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