Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Preseason leaders


Spezza, Jason, Ott. 4 3 5 8
Stastny, Paul, Colo 4 5 3 8
*Hensick, T.J., Colo 5 3 4 7
Zetterberg, Henrik, Det. 3 4 3 7
Chimera, Jason, ClBJ 4 2 4 6
*Conner, Chris, Dal. 3 1 5 6
Dumont, J.P., Nsh. 3 1 5 6
*Foligno, Nick, Ott. 5 2 4 6
Green, Mike, Was. 4 2 4 6
Hlinka, Jaroslav, Colo 5 0 6 6
Holmstrom, Tomas, Det. 3 0 6 6
Jokinen, Jussi, Dal. 4 0 6 6
Liles, John-Michael, Colo 4 2 4 6
Pavelski, Joe, S.J. 4 2 4 6
*Ryan, Bobby, Ana. 4 1 5 6
Samuelsson, Mikael, Det. 3 1 5 6
23 tied


Two new names worth mentioning on today's list: Chris Conner and Mike Green.

Conner's a Michigan Tech product, a small kid (think Brian Gionta) who went undrafted after putting up some pretty decent numbers in the NCAA (call it the 'tiny' bias). He was well down the depth chart coming into camp, but the Stars are a team that really needs some offence and given he put up 19 goals in 48 games with Iowa in his first full AHL season, maybe he'll get a shot.

Conner got into 11 NHL games in Dallas last season, where he contributed one goal and two assists as he was yoyoed between parent and affiliate. He's one of those mighty mite types who can breakout late, and given he's just 23, there's upside here, even if he is due for another AHL stint.

Green, meanwhile, is only the second defender on this leader list, and will likely be tasked with more duties this year in Washington. Part of the Capitals' blue line youth movement, he was a scoring star in junior with Saskatoon and is one of those guys who slipped way too far in the entry draft (29th overall in 2004).

Despite the fact he's played 92 games in the NHL and has a name that's not all that familiar to most hockey fans, Green is only 21 and should fill a top four role and start to pickup some power-play time. He's a great skater and quarterback, but certainly experienced his fair share of growing pains last year in a limited role.

He's put up big, big numbers elsewhere, including the AHL, and I'd be stunned if he doesn't at least double his 12 points from last season.

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At 5:00 p.m., September 26, 2007, Blogger saskhab said...

Mike Green was by far the best Saskatoon Blade of the past 5 to even 10 years. He logged insane minutes and really only Phaneuf & Weber were better junior d-men than him at the same time. One thing that is great about him is that he's a very solid open ice hitter, and it's something you don't expect from him because he's not overly tall nor intimidating to look at. But he's solid, strong, and fast.


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