Thursday, April 10, 2008

Volchenkov plans to play

But, before the Senators can be sure Volchenkov will play, they have to find a helmet that can fit over the huge bump caused by the shot.

"Like a lot of us, he's got a huge head," said Senators GM/coach Bryan Murray. "If it was a normal human being, there wouldn't be a chance they'd play, but with him, there's definitely a chance."
I love that the only thing potentially holding Volchenkov back from playing is the fact his swollen puck-shaped welt might be too large for a helmet to fit over.

The playoffs are here.

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At 9:22 a.m., April 11, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Leaf fan, I am officially prohibited from liking this guy, but damn, that's some moxie. Anybody else see the shots of Alfredsson shovelling cheesy fries in his mouth while Volchenkov was down on the ice?

I remember a couple of years ago in a series between Dallas and Edmonton, television coverage showed Ryan Smyth standing with his back against a concrete block wall as the Edmonton trainer did a knit one purl two routine on most of his forehead. Smyth was shuffling back and forth on his skates like he was waiting for the anthem to finish, anxious not to miss his next shift.

He didn't.

Playoff time is awesome.


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