Wednesday, October 08, 2014

2014-15 NHL season predictions

Here goes nothing.

I'm not predicting who wins shootouts or not, so this is regulation points only. Add in six points to every team if you want to give them all an average number of shootout wins.

Since coaching and goalie changes are typically the biggest wild cards (i.e. Bishop/Cooper in Tampa and Roy in Colorado last year) when it comes to predictions, figured I'd note those as well.

And yes I know the playoff format changed. That's easy enough to figure out from the point totals here, right? I have faith in all of you.

East Team Goalie change? Coach change? RegPts Prediction
1 Boston No No 105
2 Pittsburgh No Johnston 104
3 Tampa Bay No No 99
4 Montreal No No 97
5 NY Rangers No No 88
6 New Jersey No Brodeur No 88
7 Detroit No No 87
8 Columbus No No 85
9 Washington No Trotz 83
10 NY Islanders Halak No 83
11 Toronto No No 81
12 Ottawa No No 80
13 Philadelphia No No 78
14 Carolina Khudobin Peters 68
15 Florida Luongo Gallant 68
16 Buffalo Neuvirth No 50

West Team Goalie change? Coach change? RegPts Prediction
1 Chicago No No 107
2 St. Louis No Miller No 100
3 San Jose No No 100
4 Los Angeles No No 100
5 Anaheim No Hiller No 98
6 Dallas No No 94
7 Colorado No No 89
8 Minnesota ? No 86
9 Vancouver Miller Desjardins 86
10 Nashville Rinne Laviolette 83
11 Phoenix No No 83
12 Winnipeg No Maurice 79
13 Edmonton No Dubnyk No 77
14 Calgary Hiller No 64


At 10:59 a.m., October 09, 2014, Blogger Unknown said...

Everyone in the media has been pumping Pittsburgh's tires all pre-season, but they got worse on the blueline, lost their best winger, and have a rookie coach and a GM who ruined the Carolina team. How are they going to finish 2nd in the east? I think you've got them about 6 or 7 spot too high.

At 8:54 a.m., November 12, 2014, Blogger Unknown said...

The experts like the Pittsburg Penguins because the experts know what they are talking about. Regardless if the Pens finish second overall as James predicts or lower, the fact of the matter is, they will make the playoffs.

Yes, they lost James Neal. Look who they have picked up though. Patric Hornqvist. This guy is a stud and perhaps one of the most under-rated players in the NHL. 18 points in 14 games played. The fact is, Pittsburg as a team creates better players from the talent they have around them. Ehroff is a solid defence man, and you have Kris Letang back in the lineup doing wonders coming back from his injury.

Pens will make the playoffs and Pens will finish top 3.

The bigger question is however, how will the goaltending hold up? This is something that provides a threat to the team. I personally believe Fleury has what it takes but then again I think Greiss as a backup is solid as well.

Last night they lost to the Rangers 5-0. Time for a bounce back!


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